Family Before Christmas and Live Nativity

Submitted by: Loretta Campbell

Our Christmas stopped being about gifts a long time ago and started being about Family. Around December 22-24, our family (me, husband, and 3 not so young children) go to my sister in law’s for the day. Also there are her family, my other sister in law with her husband, my mother in law and neice with her fiance. Other family often drop in as well throughout the day. We socialize, enjoy a wonderful meal, then share our gifts for one another. Due living over an hour away and everyone going different directions on Christmas day, this becomes our Christmas day. Years ago we decided that it didn’t make sense to bring all the wrapped gifts home only to share our reasons for our choices over a phone later. Then, before heading back home, we go to the Stake center and watch the live Nativity. We are the only members of the Church in our family, but every time we have at least a couple of them go with us to watch. It’s a wonderful day, and always ended on a true remembrance of the reason for this beautiful season.

Christmas Day is often spent at home, with my mom and dad, brother and sis-in-law!

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