Handel’s Messiah

Submitted by: Brian Garrison

Pick some of the main, most popular, movements of Handel’s Messiah and each night burn the one song, sometimes two because they lead into each other, print the lyrics to the song and scritpures to go along with it, and add a small gift for each night until you have completed the series to the Hallelujah Chorus (although, this movement is NOT the last movement of the piece). On the last night, put the entire, original CD in the bag. Make sure to do it anonymously! Pick a family who is going through a hardship and lift their spirits. Make sure to deliver the goods a various times so they don’t know when to expect you. Last year, we used a blinking red, small, lantern to tell that we have been there. we always tied it to the gift bag and asked them to set the lantern out the next night. You can find this small light at Walmart for probably $5-8. Let them keep it the last night, of course. Have fun with it. My wife and I did this last night; it was quite enjoyable. This was the first year we did this. It was our original idea.

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